Rubber Flooring

Rubber Flooring?

Elji Rubber Flooring is a very popular choice for leisure, commercial and high traffic environments due to its colors, patterns and textures available. Our floorings combined with the benefits of design, safety, and technology provides an excellent choice when it comes to flooring.

Elji Rubber Flooring is a continuous safety surface made from bonded EPDM rubber and its often associated with playground surfaces as it provides safe, cushioned surface ideal for preventing serious injury to children in an event of a fall.

The versatility of our flooring enables us to provide a wide range of applications such as parks, swimming pool decks, stables, golf course walkways and even in domestic homes. They come in a wide variety of color schemes and finishes: the surface is so versatile it can even have logos, shapes and design installed.

rubber flooring


Our Wide Scope of Flooring are Below

•Rubber Flooring- Seamless wet pour in place systems for safety, sports & aesthetic flooring applications. Available in fast colored synthetic EPDM rubber and SBR.
•Complete the Acrylic flooring system for multipurpose applications.
•Rubber tiles for safety, sports, and aesthetic flooring applications. Available in SBR and EPDM materials.
•Rubber rolls for gym flooring applications available in Full SBR and SBR plus EPDM mix ratios.
•Electrical insulation mats for safety applications. Available in different specifications.

gym rubber flooring

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Application only on dry concrete surfaces ( over 30days old from the date of placement) without rising humidity issues and free of materials that might prevent bonding eg dust, loose particles, grease, etc. the success in the application depends on the right preparation of the underlay and use of the material.

•Concrete surfaces to be dry cleaned, without cracks or damaged areas.
•Concrete surfaces to be without waves in the surfaces.
•Concrete surfaces to be sloped towards a drain.
•No hardener to curing compound to be used on top of the concrete slab.
•No external edges of the concrete slab to be ended by the curbstone or another way to protect the rubber edge.
•The site to be provided in a complete, vacant, dry and clean and without any interruption from other working staff.

play ground rubber flooring

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Installation Method

•Clean the surface of the fixing area – it has to be clean without any dust, etc
•Apply the adhesive on the floor equally on all areas of fixing. Apply and fix the rubber floor roll by rolls.
•allow 10 mints for the adhesive to get dry
•Once dried, fix the rubber sheet, matching the edges without any gap and give enough pressure for a minute to hold the glue for 1-2 mins max
•Match the rolls to adjacent rolls exactly to avoid bubbles
•Follow the same procedure for the rest of the rolls