Marine Fenders

Rubber Marine Fenders

Rubber marine fenders are used to prevent damages by absorbing the kinetic energy at the time of impact. Fenders find major applications in the marine industry to protect yachts, boats, and ships like marine vessels and piers, pilings and docks like berthing structures. They are made to withstand harsh operating conditions in the automobile and marine industry. Fenders have applications in marinas, harbors, shipbuilding, and maritime transportation.

Rubber Marine Fenders prevent Boats/Ferries from being damaged during the mooring/ berthing process. They are designed to absorb the kinetic energy of the vessel berthing against a jetty. For example, D fenders have a collapsible ‘D’ shaped bulb that absorbs the impact of energy and provides cushioning with minimum jarring. Similarly, Block Fenders with its solid profile provides a large flat contact area for impact absorption at varying heights with very low deflection. Marine fenders are one of the most important marine equipment as they avoid loss/damage to the body of a boat or a ship. Fendering systems that are used in naval vessels have increased drastically throughout the times and now are manufactured in such a way that the prevention execution is almost errorless.

Available in any lengths as per the customer requirements. Customized fenders can also be manufactured on request


  • Arch fender (V, W – shape)
  • Floating Buoy
  • Cylindrical fender
  • Square Fender
  • Triangle shape fender
  • D – shape fender
  • Fender face rubber
  • Corner rubber fender


High Impact Resistance SBR+NR, EPDM & Neoprene


In addition to the standard dimensions, fenders are available in custom sizes.

Advantages of Marine Fenders

• These marine bumpers are made up of high-performance materials which need no or little maintenance.

• These marine fenders are capable of serving all their customer commitments in all complying environmental conditions.

• The marine fenders are durable i.e. they are so designed and developed so as to serve a longer period of time.


Fenders can be fixed horizontally to a wall or mounted onto short vertical strips or flat or curved surfaces. It can be widely used across Docks, Marinas, Loading bays, and Walls within factories, warehouses, and buildings where they provide protection against impact damage and abuse.

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