Vinyl Products

Vinyl Wall Gaurd

These protective wall guards are used throughout healthcare facilities, schools & universities, elder care & child care facilities, in offices to protect walls, to protect doors, to protect cabinetry or to protect walls and backsplashes in back of house areas in the hospitality industry.

 wall guard

vinyl wall guard

vinyl guard

Corner Guard

Vinyl Corner Guards with Tape or Vinyl Corner Guards with Screws make for easy installation on existing walls and corners. Vinyl Corner Guards are for hotels, offices, and homes. Wide variety of corner protection allows designers to easily reconcile virtually any set of requirements for style, function and code compliance.

corner guard vinyl corner guard
vinyl corner guard 635B style
vinyl corner guard vinyl guard

Hand Rails

Vinyl Handrails are among the most common types of railings in apartments, nursing homes, small office buildings, and other commercial facilities. Vinyl provides texture and grip along railings while remaining resistant to excessive wear and tear, making Vinyl Handrails one of our most popular products for a variety of residential and commercial settings.

hand rails

vinyl hand rails apple green

vinyl hand rails 618B styl

vinyl hand rails 616-1 style