Wheel Stopper

Composite Rubber Wheel Stopper

Elji International LLC Manufacture Composite Rubber wheel stopper that ensure the drivers to park the vehicle at the correct parking Position and give physical signal to the driver that no additional forward drive is required

Rubber Car stops protect the Parked front Vehicle as well Structure of the Wall

Some of the features of our rubber wheel stoppers include:

  • Weather & UV Resistant.
  • High Impact Resistant, and Durable.
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use as per our recommended or Suggested Wheel stopper.
  • Heavy duty metal bolts Or Chemical Anchor Bolts used to secure the Rubber Wheel stopper in Rigid Position
  • Chemical Anchor Bolts used when fixed the wheel stopper in the Precast Interlock Tiles
  • Note: This product is not suitable for large heavy vehicles such as a trailer.


Wheel Stoppers are designed and manufactured as a good energy absorption from vehicle impact, thus protecting the anchor bolts from the impact. The anchor bolts are protected from direct stress unlike in concrete stoppers where all the force is transferred to the anchor bolts.
These are strong enough to stop any car, van or the biggest pick-up truck. The low profile construction provides that even the lowest cars are not going to damage bumpers or tires. These are made available with yellow reflective stripes that are highly visible during day and night.


  • ELJI’s Rubber Wheel Stoppers is produced from a high impact resistance Composite Rubber so these stoppers have excellent weather resistance, crack resistance and abrasion resistance quality. Also available in Neoprene and EPDM on request.
  • Both Moulded and Extruded Types of Rubber Wheel Stoppers Available
  • High Impact Resistance SBR+NR, EPDM & Neoprene

Available Sizes

125mm Base x 100mm Height
130mm Base x 100mm Height
140mm Base x 95mm Height
140mm Base x 100mm Height
150mm Base x 100mm Height
150mm Base x 135mm Height
150mm Base x 150mm Height

Standard Length

The standard length of the Wheel Stopper is 500 & 1800mm. Custom size can also be manufactured

Method of Statement

Product Name : Rubber Wheel Stopper – Yellow Strip
Size : 140mm Wide x 100 mm Height x 1800/2000mm Length

rubber wheel stopper

Installation Procedure

* Items required installing the Wheel Stopper product in the field
A) M16X 120 mm Length Anchor Bolt :2 Nos/pc

• Ensure the bolt length and size as per specification.

• Give clearance of 900mm-1000mm in the front to accommodate the Vehicle front portion

• Check the fixing surface; it should be flat and perfect.

• Clean the surface before clamping.

• Draw two straight lines as per the Base Width, where the Wheel Stopper to be fixed.

• Keep the Wheel Stopper inside the two lines and mark the six-bolt positions properly as per the

• Put 18mm dia Hole in the Fixing Surface (60 mm deep)

• Insert the anchor bolt inside the drilled hole in the straight position.

• Keep the Wheel Stopper in the Fixing surface and fasten it.

• Insert the yellow strip to cover the bolts holes in the groove provided.


132 mm (Base) X 80 mm (Top) X 100mm (Height)
0.25 m, 0.50 m, 1.00 m, 1.80 m