Rubber Tiles

Rubber Tiles offer safe, beautiful and more comfortable walking areas compared to the hard surface concrete. Rubber Tiles are usually manufactured from virgin rubber or recycled rubber providing an option of “Green Earth”


> The applications are limitless for Elji Rubber Tiles. It can be used in Play Areas, School Yards,
Parks, Jogging Tracks where the safety of the children is the main concern.

> It can also be used for commercial areas like Malls, Pedestrian, walkways, Gymnasium, etc.
>Moreover, it is used in outdoor applications like Race Course passage, Stables, etc.

rubber tiles

Why Rubber Tiles?

1. Easy to install in any surfaces like stone, brick, asphalt, wood for concrete

2. Good sound insulation

3. Slip-resistant(even when it is wet)

4.Good impact absorption

5.Requires less maintenance

6.Highly durable

7. Offer insulation from cold providing a healthy atmosphere

8.Water Permeable

9. Cushion effect reduces the risk of injuries

Why EPDM Rubber Tiles

Rubber tiles are made with SBR+EPDM

> Stronger

> UV Resistant

> Crack Resistant

> More Elastic

> Long Life

> Long Lasting Colors


Rubber tiles can be laid on stone, brick, asphalt, wood or concrete thus making it highly versatile.
A good sub-base is required to keep the pavers and tiles stable on the floor. Usually, for outdoor applications, the base used will be stone aggregate since, this is permeable, it lets our moisture and keep the tiles or pavers in good condition.


Rubber tiles are easy to be cleaned even by a simple sweep or by using water. Rubber provides the greatest advantage of quick replacement in any case of serious damages at minimal expense and complications compared to any other types of flooring.