Wall Guard

Rubber Wall Guards or Bumper Guards

Elji International LLC Manufacture High Impact Resistant Rubber Wall or Ramp guards to provide protection for Property of Walls, Ramps and Round Columns from direct impact from Trollies, and Vehicles.




  • Wall Guards or Bumper Guards are designed to protect round columns,
  • Ramp Guards are being used in ramp area in the Multistage parking
  • Bumper Guards are used in flat walls from impacts of automobiles.
  • Wall Guards come with Black cooler or with yellow, Red, White Strips as per the Requirement.


    High impact resistant Natural Rubber and SBR, Neoprene and EPDM. The standard color available is black Or with Yellow Strips. Custom-Made Color wall guards will be produced as per the requirement, Standard Color are Beige, Grey, and Blue. Elji Wall Guards have excellent UV Resistant, Weather resistance, Impact resistance and Ozone Resistance.

    Standard Sizes

    Width 200mm: Available thicknesses 20mm,25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm & 55mm.

    Width 250mm: Available thickness.25mm 30mm

    Width 300mm: Available thickness.25mm 30mm,50mm

    Custom made wall guard will be manufactured as per the customer request

    Fire Rated Wall Guards Available as per ASTM E-84 With Class A, Class B & Class C

    Standard Length
    The standard length available is 2750mm. They can be supplied as per the customer specifications.

    Method of Statement

    Product Name : Rubber Wall Guard Plain
    Product Size Thickness : 25mm or 30 mm
    Width : 200mm

    rubber wall guards

    Installation Procedure

     Accessories Required: Coach M10 x 50mm Screw, Washer and Fisher – 6 sets/meter

    • First, check the bolt length and size.
    • Check the fixing surface; it should be flat and perfect.
    • Clean the surface before clamping.
    • Mark two horizontal lines at a distance of 200 mm in the clamping surface.
    • Maintain 300mm from FFL or as per client requirement
    • Keep the wall guard inside the lines and mark the 6 holes position in the concrete surface. For
    continuous clamping 300-400 mm clamping distance to be given.
    • Make a 12 mm dia. drill hole at a deep of 40 mm with the help of drilling m/c in the marked 6
    bolt positions.
    • Insert the Fischer inside the drilled holes in the straight position
    • Keep the wall guard in the fixing surface and clamp it with the 6 bolts.
    • For more than 1-meter length wall guard clamping, top and side surfaces should be matched
    together before marking and clamping.
    • Bolt head should be inside the groove and it should not be projected outside.


    150 mm, 180 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm
    20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm
    1.00 m and 1.20 m
    Length can be customized
Impact Resistant Wall Guard