Road Hump

Application: Rubber Speed Hump is designed to protect life from high-speed traffic by statutorily mandating vehicle speed low. These humps are highly resistant to various impacts, heavy loads and brutal weather conditions. A rubber speed hump is available in a black and yellow modular system that can be configured to any desired length. These also come equipped with cat-eye reflectors (optional) which provide even better visibility at night.


High Impact Resistance SBR+NR, EPDM & Neoprene

Method of Statement
Product Name : Speed Humps
Product Size : 50mm thick x 400mm wide x 500mm Length

rubber road hump

road hump

Installation Procedure

* Items required to install the Road Hump product in the field,
a) M10 X 70mm, Length Fix Bolts

• First, check the bolt length and size.

• Check the fixing surface; it should be flat and perfect.

• Clean the surface before clamping.

• Draw two straight lines at a distance of 400mm, where the road hump is going to fix.

• Keep the Road Hump inside the two lines and mark the two-bolt positions properly.

• Make a 12 mm dia. Drill hole at a deep of 60 mm with the help of drilling m/c.

• Insert the Fisher inside the drilled hole in the straight position.

• Keep the Road Hump in the Fixing surface and clamp it with the bolts.

• Bolt head should be inside the pocket and it should not be projected outside.


Road Hump
50mm X 400mm X 500mm Length
70 mm X 400 mm X 500mm Length
75mm X 400mm X 500mm Length
End Cap
50mm X 400mm X 250mm Length
70 mm x 350mm x 250mm Length
75mm X 400mm X 250mm Length

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