Marine Fenders



Fenders are used to prevent damages by absorbing the kinetic energy at the time of impact. Fenders find major application in marine industry to protect yachts, boats and ships like marine vessels and piers, pilings and docks like berthing structures. They are made to withstand harsh operating conditions in automobile and marine industry. Fenders have applications in marinas, harbors, shipbuilding and maritime transportation.


  • Arch fender (V, W – shape)
  • Floating Buoy
  • Cylindrical fender
  • Square Fender
  • Triangle shape fender
  • D – shape fender
  • Fender face rubber
  • Corner rubber fender


High Impact Resistance SBR+NR, EPDM & Neoprene


In addition to the standard dimensions, fenders are available in custom sizes.


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